What is a business centre?

It is a space where material and human resources converge to create a comfortable professional office environment.

What are the advantages of a business centre against a traditional office?

  • Financial savings: There is no investment or financial risk with the hiring of staff or the company facilities.
  • It is unnecessary to contract supplies services.
  • You can just arrive and start working.
  • Full-time commitment and continuous functioning.
  • A better use of space

When can I start working in the office?

Immediately. The moment you sign the contract, your office is available.

What is a virtual office?

It is the easiest and most economical form of setting up a business without a physical space. That can allow you to introduce your clients to your registered address, saving the cost of leasing a physical office.

What advantages does the board room offers in a business centre?

This spaces offer the perfect professional environment, with the highest level of technology to assure the success of your business venture.

What does the monthly fee include?

The rental, as well as the heating, the air conditioning, the lighting, the maintenance, the cleaning, the security or reception services, amongst others. Your company will only pay for the extra services contracted.
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